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Foundation & Structural Inspections in Allen, TX

Crack in a building wall—structural inspections in Allen, TX
Before purchasing a property, you need the right inspectors to determine if your property has any structural issues. At Alliance Inspection Service Inc. based in Allen, Texas, we offer foundation and structural inspections to determine if your property has any damage or issues.

Foundation Inspections

It is always important to perform a foundation inspection and safety check. As your inspectors, our team ensures that you are aware of any problems with your building's foundation and make any needed recommendations to move forward.

Checking the Structure

Structural integrity of a building is essential, making a structural inspection one of the most essential steps in your property's evaluation. Our experienced team is readily available to inspect every inch of your new property's structure to give you peace of mind.
Currently, we do not offer mold inspections. If we find mold during the visual inspection, we note it on your report.

Windows & Doors

As part of your structural inspection, we check your property's windows and doors, as they're necessary for keeping you safe and secure. It's also important that the doors and windows in your building open easily and are energy efficient.

Using our skills and knowledge of the field, we'll inspect the doors and windows throughout the space to ensure the windows are sealed properly and assess the quality of the windowpanes. Should there be any issues, we'll let you know.

Quality Electric

Faulty wiring and electrical issues are a nightmare for residential and commercial property owners alike. Count on us to make sure your new building has quality electrical systems throughout the entire building and that they are up to par.
Contact us to assess your property's structure and foundation with our structural and foundation inspections.